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2020 USA Election turmoil -- 2021 WW3?
Important Announcement Below
We have moved our focus from the election to the Russian War started Apr 7 2021 and summarized Here.
See Analyses Updates below for ongoing predictions and up to the minute breaking news

When you have election cheating, that's one thing. But when media, tech and law are all in on the coup, you know the traitors are at the gate and it's time to be strong. We built this site to keep a log of all the evidence, bans, gaslighting, corruption, intimidation. Now we even find WAR being used as a distraction!  
Daily Situation Updates just below!

Breaking News
12/30 11:25:04 2000 ....MORE....
Tucker: Tulsi Gabbard issues warning about potential war with Russia


Mike Lindell Film, Scientific Proof, moved to Vote-Irregularities

4 fighter jets over the midlands UK, 16:25 21st Apr

Analysis for 21st April:

It was pleasant to awake to no new news on War. No news is good news! We await Putin's National Address today(We watched live, finished now).

Good news: Due to the relatively sane and non confrontational style of Putin's address, we've downgraded the chance of Nuclear Aggression as follows: Our estimate of chances of conventional leading to nuclear war = 25% (from 50% yesterday when China started showing preparedness), chance of nuclear strikes involving silos on US soil = 5%, and escalating to involve civilian targets = 0.5% (from 2% yesterday).
  1. Don't be surprised if you hear no further sabre rattling by Putin. That would be worse -- it means he is beyond warnings and action is imminent. See our article on Quality Information just below. Well, there was a little sabre rattling, so we are somewhat relieved. 
  2. 11:00am & prior. So far domestic goals, projects, environment, gas delivery. (time in GMT - subtract 5 hrs for EST).
  3. 11:05~ Belarus attempted coup
    1. We've not been able to get a translation of this patch yet. Coming shortly...
    2. Here we are -- this section is just 6 minutes long. https://youtu.be/nWFhDcrzUas?t=5016 - on Foreign Policy
      • Laments the attempted bloody coup and presidential assassination attempt in Belarus just 2 days ago, funded by US(CIA) & Polish equivalent.
      • Hal features a video and transcript here.
  4. 11:09 We have been bullied (or words to that effect).
    1. The west seems to think it is a game and never report.
    2. "They will regret like they have not regretted before".
  5. 11:18 strengthening army, nuclear
  6. 11:20 Eurasion network
  7. 11:21 Covid
  8. 11:23 End.
  9. Best translation and coverage -- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UYKsRaUmAdY .. last 15 mins on global issues not in this.
A quick comment on the Chauvin trial. By observation, yes, should be guilty of manslaughter and aggravated assault with intent to cause injury, but Murder? The US Justice system is completely bust anyway. A couple of comments(Rumble) 1uan07vin "Chauvin is a Crisis Actor Took down his social media profiles after He also starred in Sandy Hook", CheriAngela60 -- "So was George Floyd. The whole damn thing is a Psyop!" -- We don't buy into that but all possibilities should be considered. 

Quality Information?

We have been right at every single step regarding the "war" but we are still not believed. So what are our conclusions and how do we arrive at our conclusions? The answer is history, analysis, good sources, logic.
  • Putin is a war horse. He started in the Secret Police. The RU constitution demands a maximum of 2 terms, same as the US, but Putin got around this by sitting out for 1 term with widely regarded "puppet" Dmitry Medvedev stepping in for him. His 5th term is now started and it is understood he has changed the constitution in the 2020 constitutional reform to allow one more term from 2024.
  • The EU funded Ukraine riots in much the same way Soros (The Davos Cabal) is funding BLM etc. These riots resulted in a pro Russian president being ousted and exiled. The Euromaidan revolution (among other names) of February 2014 saw violence involving protesters, riot police, and unknown shooters in the capital culminating in the ousting of elected president Viktor Yanukovych(ref Wiki). It is rumored that Viktor was prior elected under a cloud of election meddling as well.
  • This EU connection, which is a huge part of NATO (US is biggest part of NATO), was because, for reasons not entirely known, the EU wants the Ukraine to be a member. This greatly exposes Russia(history well examined by Hitchens in 1st 2.5 mins).
  • Russia similarly sent troops to the border in 2014 and the "Annexation" of Crimea in 2014 followed. But this was not an annexation. It was a hugely popular independence vote (96% voted for it) by it's people who are Russian. (Just like Scotland was allowed an Indie vote and would have joined the EU). However, the EU have been declaring it an invalid land grab ever since, and blistering US / EU sanctions have been launched, crippling the RU economically, causing food shortages etc. The Ukraine has also cut off fresh water to Crimea.
  • Coupled with this is, there is a propaganda war with RU constantly shown in a bad light and  Biden himself calling Putin a soulless killer(here). That broke the possibility for good natured talks. This situation is not helped by Putin's treatment of Navalny(here) but having spoken to Russians on social media(so yes, may be shills), most seem to be saying Navalny is considered to be a trouble maker.
Now when you understand this background, and know that an arrogant Ukraine buoyed by NATO & US promises, kick started all this in March 2021 by approving a strategy to recover the Crimea(here), you can now see why this is either going to end in war, or someone is going to have to back off.

Russia would have to relinquish many genuine principles to do so, so they will not back off. Indeed, they are overpowered, so they WILL likely resort to some strategic nukes which could escalate to global nuclear conflict.

But the most concerning aspect of all this is Russia's recent increased ties with an increasingly belligerent China. You will see in the timeline that things got much worse in March 27 and March 31 as Russia started opening nuclear silos, submarine silos, transporting portable ones, and warning NATO(as here).

We propose it is the EU that needs to back off as they are the aggressors(ref Hitchens again). From a western perspective, it would appear the EU has only been trying to protect the Ukraine against a badly behaved super power. However, if you examine the facts above (along with many more verbose facts), you will see EU cabal "propaganda" has put us in this loggerhead situation -- because the MSM is lying to you. We listed numerous links to Nuclear threats in the timeline -- and yet have you seen any of that in the MSM? And what about the attempted CIA Coup of Belarus just days ago?(here and here)? Anywhere on MSM? Nope!

The thing that links the EU Cabal to the US Cabal is Davos, Soros, Gates, Schwab(WMF) etc. Now do you see why the US election is ALSO coupled in with this?

So you see it is NOT wild scaremongering. This is at the very least a Cuban Missile Crisis moment if not worse.

Of course there is so much more to this, but that's a good "primer". As always, your best defense is to spread this truth, mention our summary on https://yellings.com/yEditorial-Opinion/ and protest. And by the way, we all need to be more aggressive towards the fools who are simply abusive whenever we (you and others) speak truth.

(As Hal Turner says, we may need to take this to the next level. Die hard twisted fundamental toxic lefties (and people who believe them without brains disengaged) are a bigger threat to the planet than anyone, because if we could speak truth and be at least heard and debated, none of this would be going on).

Analysis for 20th April:

Slight easing of tensions with Merkel drawing back from the brink and continuing support for Russia's Nord Stream 2 Natural Gas Pipeline. We could say that the lack of further bad news has reduced out estimate of nuclear war, but best not to be optimistic until we hear Putin's National Address tomorrow.


The reactions we've received to our "war" coverage have been mixed. We've had some positive and even heart warming reactions (along the lines of "thank god, I thought no one else had noticed")  and some sharp reactions (been called morons, trolls -- all the usual). So lets just calmly look at the facts.

First thing to note is some automatically think we are predicting, with unwarranted certainty, that the world is about to blow up. We have never predicted that the outcome would be even more than 50% likely to be war, nor more than 2% likely to involve civilians.

The first "scary" message we are trying to impart is that in no way should we even accept a tiny percentage chance of a global nuclear war. This should concern you as Tucker Carlson would say. Ie: If we love our life and our children, we should never allow any kind of mortal danger that exceeds 0.1%. We would not accept such a risk when flying, driving or crossing a road, so why should we accept that Biden has pushed us into a near 2% risk of war involving civilian casualties?

The second "scary" message we are trying to impart is that there is a madman in the Whitehouse who is highly motivated to start a war that would bury his election fraud skeletons forever. A little history -- When Margaret Thatcher sent a flotilla to take back the Falklands, she was doing badly in the polls. Afterwards, she had a political revival. Putin AND Biden are both looking for that.

The third "scary" message is ominous... The Woke Generals and the madmen Cabal at the helm seem oblivious to the real risks. They seem to not understand that they cannot win against the combined forces of Russia, China, North Korea (with a huge army and navy) and Iran. Indeed, the US Navy recently angered India, and we know Syria isn't their friends. True, America has NATO, but they are soft and flabby, like Lloyd Austin's "Tranny Army",  by comparison to Asian armies. As if to confirm, note the latest bulletin showing us China's nuclear involvement here.

But remember, we are simply attacking the small but unacceptable chance of war. We are trying to make you aware. Not trying to scare you without reason (certainly not for financial gain as we rely solely on donations which dry up when we deal with bitter truths). The only thing we hope you do is protest and be vocal - spread the word.

Important Announcement

An official tweet(HERE) has been put out by US Strategic Command. As copied above, it reads "#USSTRATCOM Posture Statement Preview: The spectrum of conflict today is neither linear nor predictable. We must account for the possibility of conflict leading to conditions which could very rapidly drive an adversary to consider nuclear use as their least bad option."

The media has LIED to us by playing down the risk to the point of misleading us, and so global Nuclear War is now imminent and comes as a surprise. The US Military was and is not thinking. They have cornered Putin and created too many enemies. Putin isn't going to move pawns, he will call checkmate. The US cannot win against Russia, China, Iran and North Korea(good ref here) who will, if they have decided to, simultaneously strike when least expected (eg: nighttime). They will either target amassed US troops near the Ukraine, plus the US/NATO navy and hardware(tanks etc)  OR they will go for US Silos as well with heavy global radioactive fallout.

The US has nowhere to retaliate without it involving aiming back at civilians in Russia and China - they will retaliate in kind on cities across the globe. Or the US will have to accept defeat and it will be invaded.

Updated Estimates: Our estimate of chances of conventional or nuclear war = 50% (up from 25% yesterday), chance of nuclear strikes involving silos on US soil = 10%, and escalating to involve civilian targets = 2% (up from 1% yesterday). Don't forget  that is 50% unlikely to happen, and 98% unlikely to involve civilian targets.

And still we see people mocking the message on Twitter, blinded by the media. This would be an exceedingly good time for the Military to stop playing games and take the election fraud seriously. When you look at the fighting talk and sanctions, one could be forgiven there is a madman in the Whitehouse.
  • Putin addresses nation tomorrow (21st).
  • Quiet in Ukraine.
  • Lindell's Free Speech site not as expected.
  • UK Update -- Boris needs a rocket up his arse -- we try to give him one HERE
  • More soon.
For newcomers, there is a blizzard of daily, topical info in our Yesterday's & Recent Updates Here .. Most, if not all, is still highly relevant.

All Earlier Analyses and Situation Updates are Archived Here

 Very soon, we're hoping www.M8Y.com (now functional) will launch, featuring a focus on Conservative Chat to partner us on this site as a means of sharing and debating processes by which we can peacefully resolve the illegitimate USA 2020 election, the rampant corruption in DC, and secure a peaceful, free future for our children! We are awaiting funding before we can continue with a full launch.

Our concept is to make it easier for those who need 100% anonymity, and to make it private and hosted offshore. You have to be accepted into the group to be seen and heard. That's why it's called "Matey".

Latest in Timeline...
12/30 11:25:04 2000 ....MORE....
Yellings aim is to Collate the Evidence in one place, grade it, cite it - show the magnitude of this fraud!
Safely on our UK Servers!

..dedicated to you (Start @ 1:30 for best part).

dedicated to Our Real President.


And they have ALL OUR details
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- 20 Feb xtra -

 - 10 Feb xtra -
James Clapper spilled the beans on video here, now
America, we have hard evidence!

- 5 Feb xtra -
Lindell uploaded his 2hr evidence video on 2/5..
Within minutes Vimeo AND Youtube deleted it (so its good)!
Here it is () in 720p
& our analysis is here.. +
New hi res "UNMASKED" Evidence 1080p Video 2/9 Just Here (compliments Lindell's Video)

Highlighted Links and Videos

Free book --  Awoken_Evolution_2021_Edition.pdf
Hard Evidence for the existence of God! (Philosophy). Never have your faith challenged again.
Favorite motivational chapter is Chapter 8, p167.

Just like Stalin - POTUS was "impeached" with no investigation, no evidence, no due process, by an illegitimate Senate put there by an illegitimate voting system.


See here and here for more

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Be of good cheer! Listen to Hal Turner's Rant here

Is the World In the Grip of some Shake Up? Here

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Biden wants Unity, Respect. In the same speech, he talked about assault on the Hill and manipulated data.

There can be No Respect and can be No Unity until:
    1. Dem's Stop talking as if Election Fraud did not happen
    2. Dem's Stop insinuating 75m Americans invaded Capitol Hill
    3. Someone analyzes the election errors and you respect the results
    4. We have MSM and Tech broken up and a guarantee of zero WWW Interference
    5. We have Chief Justice John Roberts dismissed along with all those denying the people justice
    6. We have a full explanation from the Chiefs Of Staff why they TWICE did Not support POTUS's insurrection claim
    7. Dem's reverse ALL purges against Reps and Conservatives
The 1st Biden Impeachment was launched 1/22/2021

Our focus is shifting to DEMANDING the above justice and logging the fallout

Our aim was always to Collate the Evidence in one place, grade it, cite it - show the magnitude of this fraud! Safely on our UK Servers!

And they have ALL YOUR detail
America - We have to fix this!

The Case that was Never Heard..
General Flynn Just Dropped a Bombshell (youtube removed)

Summary by Lt. General Thomas McInerney
Fox's great roundup
No Evidence? See this:

(and see Hard Proof here)
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Election Fail Summary:

Prima Facie fraud occurred. The law prevented the evidence being heard. 75+m voters were thus denied. They are now being PURGED and PERSECUTED. Worse, the plan involving law, tech, MSM, BLM, Antifa, foreign interference is now revealed as ushering in a Covid Led GREAT RESET where the WEF's Schwab, Prince Charles, and many others are now OPENLY stating you should lose all your rights and literally get sent to a concentration camp if you do not comply.
This is not a drill - not fantasy - this is NOW! (see cites in above links).

..but.. Mr Trump

(unless we are in a double bluff)

Patriots, if DT cannot find a path, it's up to us!
Gear up! See our actions lists.

As you know, conservatives are a people of peace so we ask you to take care, de-escalate, but continue to protest! Here's how to that digitally here.

In every comment section and on every broadcast REPEATEDLY ENCOURAGE PRESIDENT TRUMP. Arm yourselves with the electronics to broadcast your protests at high volume but in a peaceful manner. Chant WE WANT JUSTICE so the world can hear you! Get Amateur Radio Enthusiasts to BROADCAST IT AROUND THE WORLD (the internet itself may be censored shortly) without using colluding far left Big Tech.

If on a march, any attempt by authority to physically block your peaceful protest is an act of violence - we here can only ask you to use your wisdom and dignity to avert escalation.

While you are there,

This is YOUR beautiful country. Don't let it slip into the hands of a Covid led Great Depression and don't let them lead that to the Great Reset and take everything from you.


If you took the red pill, you will know we are living through and witnessing a profound turn of events of epic proportions of the likes of which this planet has not seen before.
More below.

The purges and persecution are starting. The far left are too dumb to see they have set fire to their own house. Big Tech, Shareholders, MSM -- they will come for you FIRST once we conservatives are out of the way. Salwal who was sleeping with a chinese spy has just been appointed  The far left are dangerously dumb and we need to play them at their own game.

We need to shut down Far Left speech. We now brand Big Tech and MSM as far left purveyors of toxic hate speech and THEY should be banned AND purged as their incitement is explosively dangerous for the USA and ALL free people. How dare they rip us for riots when they threaten millions with their brain washing and persecution?

We are devising a plan for peaceful lawful counter-action and we will be releasing it soon.

Hello USA - things have gone downhill but we are just beginning!

Whether you are Dem Lib or Rep Con, whether you do or don't like Trump,
you should be very CONCERNED and PREPARED right now.
See our Actions folder

Your new leaders are OPENLY calling for retribution against 75m voters. POTUS Trump has lost the ability to communicate to you via the following means..
  1. Twitter, Facebook, YouTube
  2. MSM (CNN, ABC, etc etc)
  3. His email handlers have shut his access to his supporter network
  4. Search engines have been optimized to avoid him
  5. Parler, free speech twitter alternative, is now entirely deplatformed by Amazon's Servers.
    1. Parler was also taken off Google Play, and thus Android, and now Apple (making it impossible for Apple phone owners to visit). For more info, see top of https://yellings.com/@Media-Irregularities/
Why? It is claimed he incited a crowd to attack Capitol Hill on Jan 6. Here's what's wrong with that lie:
  1. He didn't. Instead he repeatedly insisted on peaceful protest
  2. His last 2 tweets on 1/6 were pleading for peace and dispersement - they were quickly erased by Twitter so that you would think they contained more incitement
  3. Mounting evidence (denied by MSM of course) has found agitators were involved (see our pages)
  4. Video shows known Trump supporters attacking agitators to stop the vandalism
  5. The riot that ensued killed 2 (3 more from natural causes). BLM riots killed 17 up to June 4th 2020 (we can't find figures after that)
  6. The fallout from BLM and defund the police has left 100's dead from escalating violence 
But this is your biggest cause for concern...
  1. Dems are openly calling for persecution of Trump supporters. If you've ever been on line, they've got you. They want to
  2. Leftists Suggest "Re-education Camps," "Firing Squads," Banning Talk Radio to "Deprogram" 75 Million Trump Supporters 
Anyone with a modicum of intellect will know, as does Dem McCarthy, that if you disenfranchise, prejudice and persecute 75m (thought to be 80m) you will have instant civil war or at least a dangerously unstable country.

You are sane!

The Dem/Left influenced law, justices, RINOs. MSM, and Tech etc refused to hear, then hid, discredited and erased evidence of fraud. In doing so, they have aided and abetted fraud. Trump did not lose any cases because none were heard. You saw that!

And think about how much persuading the MSM would need to drop a red hot story like this? And Big Tech which is fast losing traction to rival announcement and search platforms such as Parler, DuckDuckGo? Countless alt-media sites (like this) are now thriving because the MSM chose to ignore what could be the biggest story since ww2, that would have bankrolled them for decades.

So! America, what will you do?

You as individuals can act and, to be honest, you must act when you look at the atrocious concerns above.

Far be it from us to suggest you do anything but keep safe and act lawfully (We can't endorse the crooked law enablers of voter fraud, but acting lawfully seems a moral and just position). You can act positively...
  1. encourage other information outlets, like this one (which will be disappearing IN DAYS if we don't get far more traffic)
  2. create alternative communication networks
  3. create alternative water networks
  4. join alternate search engines and media platforms
  5. stock up on food & fuel etc
  6. invest in alternate electrical systems
  7. buy & sell only to and from conservatives where possible
  8. open alternate food networks
  9. pressure our traditional suppliers such as McDonalds and Starbucks to assist our cause
  10. form pressure groups
  11. push back (legally) against regulation and tax
Be socially active and network! A conservative trait is quite rightly to conserve our space, anonymity, privacy and concentrate on working for and earning our own freedoms and wealth -- but these are not winning strategies when we note the opposite of these things are enabling the left to rise. We need to come together. To be as active as they are. To communicate and support each other.

Prof' David K. Clements -- Summary of Capitol Protest


This is the ruling cabal using Covid (see our take on Covid here and on the Great Reset here) to malign Trump and get their feet back under the table.

Powerful forces are USURPING POWER RIGHT NOW.

All original and/or non-cited material in Yellings.com is copyright and, for avoidance of doubt, should be assumed to be fictional. Our linking to external sources is not an endorsement. See About menu for more information. Thank you!